\\WHO WE ARE: The ETTF promotes the interests of the timber trade across Europe, representing key national federations for importers, merchants and distributors.


\\WHAT WE DO: The ETTF liaises with and lobbies government and governmental bodies at national and international level, engages with environmental and other NGOs and provides a discussion and networking forum for the EU timber trade on key issues, from legislation and the environment, to sustainable timber promotion and best practice.

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ETTF – The Organization

The highest authority of the European Timber Trade Federation (ETTF) is the General Assembly at which member federations are represented. The Assembly meets at least twice a year, and in order to serve the specific interests of the industry. Members are organized in sections, according to their trade or industry; softwood, hardwood or plywood. These different sections also meet, whenever there is a particular need.

The ETTF is also jointly responsible, with the European Organization of the Sawmill Industry (EOS), for organizing and convening the annual International Softwood Conference (ISC) and the International Hardwood Conference (IHC). These are held in a different European location each time, hosted by a national member of ETTF or EOS.

The ISC is a world leading conference for producers and traders of softwood products, on average more than 150 experts from four continents join the annual meeting. It is an excellent network meeting for the international traders of softwood products.The 2019 edition is hosted by the Belgium ETTF member “Fedustria”.

The IHC takes place every two years, currently in November 2019 hosted by the German sawmill association (DeSH) in Berlin. Comparable with the softwood conference experts from all over the world discuss and inform about hardwood products.

A united voice for the industry

The European Timber Trade Federation (ETTF) represents the product importers’ interests across Europe, as well as non-importing merchants, distributors and traders. The ETTF operates on a united base, representing and lobbying on behalf of the entire industry to national and EU. authorities and key decision makers in the market place.

In total the ETTF today has 15 member federations.

Associate Members

The ETTF also offers Associate Membership. Current Associate Members are the European Federation of Parquet Importers (EFPI), which represent timber floor importers across Europe, the International Tropical Timber Techincal Association / Association Technique International des Bois Tropicaux (ATIBT) and the individual companies HF Blom of Norway, Karnsund Wood Link of Sweden and Robelbois Group Morocco.

The ETTF Board

The members of the European Timber Trade Federation are elected by the General Assembly. Current Members of the Board are: Chairman and Softwood Section Chairman Andreas von Möller; Hardwood Section Chairman Ad Wesselink; Plywood Section Chairman Koen de Witte; Merchants Section Chairman Palle Thomsen & Franz-Josef Kall; and Secretary General Thomas Goebel.

The ETTF was formed at a members’ meeting of the
– UE Union (UCBD Hardwood Trade Association)
– Union for the Import of Panneaux and Bois (UCBR Wood Panels Importers’ Association)
– Union pour le Commerce des Bois résineux dans l’U. E . (UCIP Softwood Trade Association) and
– Féderation Européenne du Négoce du Bois (FEBO).

The founding of the ETTF resulted in the simultaneous termination of the aforementioned associations.

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